Rolling for CPs...

Well this took me long enough.

With infinite not-even-half-finished projects on the go, and nowhere to host the various games docs and WIP images I need to host, seemed like maybe just finally I should put some effort in.

  • Ordo Xenos army (Grey Knight counts as, basically an excuse to do some not-colonial marines, some true scale marines, and some 40k-ified dropships).
  • Dark Angels and Deathwing (still can't tell if I want to do this pre-heresy, mid-heresy, or contemporary, but the desire for the white armoured terminators may force the issue. Guess the pre-heresy project will have to be Luna Wolves).
  • Space Hulk bits and pieces, including the Enemy Without and Enemy Within homebrew campaigns, and the resources for the BattleSpace GalactiHulk mashup.
  • Power loader, servitors, ship crews, RT era classics, and everything else which fits nowhere else.

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