Dwarves... In... Space!

As mentioned previously I managed to grab myself a bunch of Squats at a bargain price a while back. Normally the high demand puts the little fellas at kind of a stupid-high price bracket on eBay, so I've been a bit careful building and painting them so as not to waste them.

On the other hand, I find them ridiculously fun to paint. Can't explain it, just like it. So after BSGH pushed me to paint one up, I've been slowly putting the rest of them together around my plans for an almost Inq28-ish little ragtag group of Squat survivors - salvaging and raiding for relics of their shattered culture, for sheer survival, and yes for something, anything, (plot driver alert!) which might be used to wreak vengeance on the hive fleets. Truly, it takes a dwarf to do grudge-bearing properly.


Corridors... In... Space!

Inspired by Oink's articles relating to his gothic architecture project, I felt it would be worth doing some similar investigation myself...

Unlike Oink however, the vast majority of material for the interiors I'm interested in is fictional. Movies, games, lots and lots of concept art. Of course the problem here is that the thing I'm trying to build isn't actually real (yet). The closest equivalents I can think of would be the interiors of certain kinds of industrial plants, large mobile structures like warships, and military facilities.


The Enemy Without

Approximately 42 days ago...

In the damp and dripping ruins of an abandoned comms tower on Tenebrae Quintus, Jaques Bishop impassively listened to a man who was neither there, nor entirely a man.

"Are you quite finished?"

The holo-figure glared but remained silent.

"It is not a matter of betrayal. You were greedy, you delayed, and you were noticed. It is as simple as this."

"We did not delay! The trader argued over payment-"

"Come now, it took you five hours to convince the man the pebbles in his hand were worth more than the figure you planted in his mind? Tsk, tsk. I know you know that I too am gifted as you are - I am aware of everything from the moment you loaded the cryo-stores."

The glowing figure looked murderous and sullen beneath his cowl.

"If the Ordo are aware - and I assure you they are, I still have loyal servants within after all - then Van Saar and the other Istvaanite crones who support him will already be on their way, and our business is already concluded. I told you that this would be the consequence if-"

"You know our resources are vast and powerful, Inquisitor. The work will proceed regardless, the Hive will-"

"No. Your Hive fleet is on the other side of the sector, with a great many space marines in between. But you may do as you please if you think you can survive the attentions of the Ordo."

Bishop flicked the holo-comm off, the cowled figure vanished.

"Goodbye, magus."

High above, entirely unnoticed by the sentry drones and the remote-scanners, something watched in the dark.




Day after I decide to go for 50mm, what do I find on frothers?

New (but expenseeve) set from Microart Studios. 50mm wide. Definitely make sue of that...


Finding My Inner Horus

In one of the black library Horus Heresy books (which are generally excellent if you didn't already know btw) there's a moment where Horus is reflecting with one of his minions on why the Emperor chose him above Dorn, Guilliman, the Lion and other candidates to be Warmaster.

The one thing that Horus possesses above any of his brothers, is that he never loses. His is the ability to turn a setback into an advantage, to play any hand and win. To escape his limits.



Doors, right. Who the hell do they think they are?

If you're building your own space hulk set then you have certain limitations and certain choices to make.


And So It Begins!

Now I'm really committed!

Another sector and a bunch of detailing accessories are also in the post, prototype corridor section is in the pipes. Test run with magnet coupling suggests they aren't going to be necessary but obviously will be for swappable wall sections. Kind of disappointed with the quality of the Honoured Imperium set - doesn't appear to be miscast, just a bad mold with pretty sparse sprues - but OTOH I didn't realise the shrine set comes with a different (better) set of floor tiles which is super handy since I probably need to buy at least another four of them.

(Hmmm, maybe this is getting out of control...)

Edit: Oh yeah, GO 'NUCKS GO!


Building a better Space Hulk

So the camera's acting up and I can't get any decent shots of my WIP Deathwatch, of which I've only managed to progress two marines (Brothers Torres and Kesler, soon to be wearing bearskins), my order for SH3D components is trapped in some couriers van somewhere, and real life is no less disappointing sad to say.

Prototypes - I like a snub nose bolter :)
So it goes.

Ok, so what I can talk about is Space Hulk planning (for hardcore shulkers interest only)...