And So It Begins!

Now I'm really committed!

Another sector and a bunch of detailing accessories are also in the post, prototype corridor section is in the pipes. Test run with magnet coupling suggests they aren't going to be necessary but obviously will be for swappable wall sections. Kind of disappointed with the quality of the Honoured Imperium set - doesn't appear to be miscast, just a bad mold with pretty sparse sprues - but OTOH I didn't realise the shrine set comes with a different (better) set of floor tiles which is super handy since I probably need to buy at least another four of them.

(Hmmm, maybe this is getting out of control...)

Edit: Oh yeah, GO 'NUCKS GO!


  1. Hi there, this is an exciting time! I once tried starting to build a 3d space hulk board... but I got whole sidetracked and ultimately disheartened when I saw Nedius' attempt - which put my work to shame: Wicked Awesome 3D Space Hulk

    I ended up using the city boxed set I had to start a new project: oinks terrain project(s)

    we're both in early stages of starting our projects, so it will be nice to kep tabs with your progress!

  2. And I just saw a previous post where you've linked to that exact link...

    I suggest you practice your plasticard work! hehe!

  3. @oink: I'll let you be the judge of my plasticard foo over the next few days/weeks/months :)

  4. I was actually considering picking up another box of Space Hulk floors on eBay and maybe working off of that, but im not sure how well they would hold up as floors.
    Could always add in walls, mount the stuff on sturdier underground etc.

  5. You ned to be careful with that, it works fine for the space hulk models, but the tiles are too small for the regular 40mm round bases...

    Annakata, you will also do well to note that the GW building floor tiles are also too small for 40mm round bases (especially once you build walls each side).

    I think that is why Nedius in his own space hulk build decided to widen the sections. Its not just so it looks good!

  6. @draxius: Yeah I'd stay well away from trying to use cardstock here, it'll warp, you'll lose any detail when you spray the set, and it just won't match up scale-wise as mentioned.

    @oink: actually the floor tiles are approx 47mm square (extremely awkwardly), but I'm certainly planning on the wider sections anyway - as in the bg image I'd like to get that octagonal feel.

  7. Octagon feel...now thats not claustrophobic at all.... >.>

    If using the actual floor tiles I wasnt planning on painting them over, figured I could stick plastic sides to it and voila.

    But you both bring up valid points...besides Squats, Scenery, Space Hulk...I won't be finished for a looong time.

  8. On a related note; Look what I found!


    Of course I have no idea about the actual sizes related to our models, but a single piece isn't too expensive. While not octogon entirely, it does have the sloping floors at the bottom.

  9. @Draxius: And I approve of that stuff - it's pretty solid as resin sets go, fits nicely with http://armorcast.com/store/index.php?cPath=120_153&osCsid=07aa8f1f0ffecd5fa50d2009a9a51dc1 and is at least as affordable as doing it my way.

    However, it suffers from two central problems for me: it's built on 30mm grid (perfectly reasonable, but I want to support larger models), and it's harder for me to create arbitrary expansions.