Check My Corner

Another week, another corridor, and a corner too this time. I'm basically leaving these in a 90% complete state because I want to be able to come back to them with the space to add uniform elements or things I learn later on, but the shells of these are pretty fixed I think.

Everything so far...


One Percent

First of many, many, many, corridors. I actually have three others underway but this one A). is completed and B). actually came out in the photos. My next post will be about tripods and lightboxes I assure you.


Tyranids Ate My Family

Apropos to my small band of stragglers (more doomed than the Eldar) I borrowed a concept from the fantasy equivalents - slayers! And since there's no trolls in space (hmmm... idea) he's going after the ravenous gribblies of the Tyranid horde. Enter the beastslayer!

Angry? Angsty? Axey? Check, check, check.



Long time coming this one, but please be gentle there's a lot more work here than it would seem.

Behold! The first prototype board section of my Space Hulk 3D project...

This one is a T-section, my plan being to do this project in groups of a corridor, a room, a junction, and an entry/dead-end piece to keep thing varied and my interest up as well as to have something functional as soon as possible.