Rogue Trader Day-ending-in-y

By the grace of Goodwin, I love these models.

Classic Copplestone (not Goodwin, he's just awesome too) sculpts, I feel the separate arms troopers were a real progression from the single pieces, which do have a charm of their own but lack the uniformity that guardsmen should have and still feel a bit gestational 40k with an obvious Judge Dredd heritage.

I've got about a score of unique models in the range (I'm pathological about unique models) which I intend to use as a ships' garrison complement - for shulk, inq28, whatever. Apropos to the boarding actions they're supposed to fight, and to fit in with the single-piece wounded trooper (love him) I've converted the classic lasguns - yes it did feel a little wrong - into more of a las-carbine with a bayonet from the plastic Cadians (which happily adds some of the length back to the model). You can also see I turned the useless grenade launcher - by far the weakest bit of sculpting in the range imho - into a shulk suitable flamer.

So the only problem I have now is how to paint them!

Being ship bound they've no need for camouflage or drab unifroms; could be anything. I'd like to avoid the old RT grey and black scheme as just a bit dull, and I'd like to avoid orange/red/yellow because of star wars/praetorians/bleugh, but otherwise I'm open to ideas anyone? I failed to find anything inspiring in google image searches...


  1. How about blue clothing with black and grey for the weapons and armor. I used a Mordian Blue for my officer of the fleet conversion with some Adeptus Battlegrey, Charadon Granite for his equipment and a bit of Dheneb Stone for his vest. ( http://triplenickle.blogspot.com/2011/07/company-command-squad.html ) He's the second from the left.

  2. I was actually considering some version of blue (well I painted myself into a corner didn't I?), and these examples seemed interesting:


    http://z11.invisionfree.com/Work_In_Progress/index.php?showtopic=12941 (half way down page)