I wonder if I'm still on the blogroll...

Long story short:

So while I'm super-incredibly-over-the-moon about the little fella (for he is), and looking forward to showing him the delights of dungeons and space corridors maybe 10 years from now, he is totally putting my productivity in a nosedive. In the last six months I have achieved exactly this:

Which isn't even finished (obviously, I hope) so that's like 8 weeks = 1 model done.



  1. The good news is that they look awesome! It has definately been a long time... I was lucky in that my little chap liked to sleep a lot. hopefully the little fella starts to play ball and lets you get some more hobby done!

  2. My daughter is 2 and a half. It took me about 6 months to get back into a good hobby routine after she was born. I used to paint with her in a sling when she was really little. I wore one of those hotslings and she would nap while i painted. My friend used to rock his sons bassinett with his foot while he painted. Don't get discouraged you'll find a routine that works for both of you.


  3. Thanks all - I'm looking at it as a motivator. Got to have those dungeon quests ready and waiting when he is. Just on a longer timeline than I planned :)